The VSHN Handbook

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Welcome to the VSHN Handbook! We’re very happy that you are reading it.

This handbook contains all you need to know to start collaborating with your teams and to understand the day-to-day intricacies of what we do.

At VSHN we do things a bit differently, but there is one core feature we expect from everyone here: to collaborate in writing. Writing things down helps us to work better, answering questions before they’re even asked.

Contributing to the handbook

Of course, not all questions have been asked yet! This is why this Handbook is open for collaboration. Just go to the project home page in GitLab and follow the instructions there. Spoiler: you only need a text editor and a Git client installed to help.

This Handbook contains a lot of information, but definitely not all of it. There is a whole Wiki available, whose contents are continuously updated–by everyone, including you!

And as the saying goes: "Question, don’t assume!" We’re here to help.

Download the Handbook

This handbook is also available in PDF and EPUB 3 formats, and even as a man page! Download the version you prefer most and read it any way you like.

Install the man Page

You can install the man page in your system using these commands:

$ sudo cp handbook.1 /usr/local/share/man/man1
$ sudo mandb

After these operations, the command man handbook will display the handbook in your terminal.