Recruitment Pre Screening

The pre-screening interview serves as an initial evaluation step that takes place before candidates are invited for face-to-face interviews.

This stage helps streamline the hiring process and for us to get an understanding of the candidates' alignment with VSHN’s values and culture.

Pre-screening can be done in the following ways:

  • A One-Way Video Interview

  • A Pre-Screen phone call with recruitment

It is important that the candidate is also aware of the culture at VSHN. This helps candidates avoid investing time and effort in pursuing opportunities that may not be the right fit.

One-Way Video Interview

One-way video (also known as asynchronous video interviews) is tech-savvy and forward-thinking, potentially appealing to tech-oriented candidates.

This allows candidates to complete the interview at a time that suits them within seven days following receiving the invitation.

Candidates can take their time to formulate responses and present themselves in the best possible way. Candidates also have the option to review their responses before submission, giving them the opportunity to edit or retake parts they are not satisfied with.

At the beginning of this interview, the candidate is able to gain valuable context about the company’s history, mission, and values by watching an introduction Video recorded by our Co-Founder.

Following this, there are a few questions where we find out a little more about the candidate’s history, motivation, and enthusiasm for the role.

With relevant questions, the candidate will receive links to the job description and links to find details on VSHN’s compensation benefits and structures.

Only recruitment and direct hiring managers/stakeholders can access these videos, stored in Spark Hire.

Pre-Screen phone call

Pre-screen phone calls are usually completed on request should a candidate not feel comfortable completing the One-Way Video Interview.

The candidate will receive a calendar link where candidates can schedule a 20-30-minute phone call with recruitment.

Within the call, we will discuss the candidate’s history, expectations, and VSHN’s compensation benefits and structures.


Recruitment reviews this stage and then either

  • Ask any clarifying questions to the candidates

  • Rejects the candidate if either side doesn’t see value in continuing with the process

  • Discusses the candidates with the hiring manager or direct teams to arrange first interviews