Role Scrum Master

We have two variations of this role: The Scrum Master (this role) serves our Value Stream Teams, the Team Facilitator serves all other teams.


The Team that needs to role
If need is still unclear, the Delegator of the Team


This role has the same purpose as the Team Facilitator with an added, strong focus on Agile, Scrum or related methodologies in our Value Stream Teams, to continuously improve the team’s practices, using the Scrum framework, the KanBan system and more, to establish a way of working that delivers the value assigned to the team’s domain and meet customer needs incrementally and iteratively.

At VSHN, our teams operate semi-autonomously, which involves not only carrying out operational tasks—such as building, delivering, and maintaining products for our customers—but also self-managing to function effectively as a team and continually improve. This means ensuring that the Fundamental Team Responsibilities are adequately addressed by the team, for example organizing and prioritizing work, and reviewing results to deliver effectively on their purpose. If we provide the necessary support for teams to successfully navigate the complexities of being self-managed, self-organizing, and continuously improving, we can foster strong, effective teams. This would enable individuals to focus on actual work while collectively sharing the team’s responsibilities.

We believe there is a need to assign a dedicated role in each team, focused on the team’s effectiveness and the team’s fundamental responsibilities. This will allow other team members to concentrate on the actual value-creating work, while the role owner can direct their attention to these specific topics.


Same as Team Facilitator.

Key Responsibilities

In addition to Team Facilitator
  • Establishing Scrum within the team.

    • Leading, training, and coaching the team and the organization in its Scrum adoption;

    • Helping the Scrum Team understand the need for clear and concise Product Backlog items.

    • Helping establish empirical product planning for in complex environment.

    • Helping employees and stakeholders understand and enact an empirical approach for complex work; and,

Skills and Mindsets

In addition to Team Facilitator
  • Solid understanding and experience in guiding a Team through Scrum and KanBan in a Software or IT Engineering Team.

  • Professional Scrum Master I level.


Same as Team Facilitator.

Key Challenges

Same as Team Facilitator.

Role Assignment

Same as Team Facilitator.

Delegator Responsibilities

Same as Team Facilitator.

Evaluation Criteria

Binary evaluations as tools of measure to show how a role keeper is succeeding:

  • As a Scrum Master

  • As a Leader

Same as Team Facilitator but more specifically:

What does it mean for a Scrum Master to be a Leader?

role scrum master eval criteria.drawio

What does it mean for a Scrum Master to be failing or succeeding?

role scrum master eval criteria2.drawio

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-255