Issue Types for Project Management

  • A Jira Project (aka Customer) can have one or more "Project"

  • A Project can have zero or more "Project Milestone" (it really only makes sense to use milestones if there is more than one milestone) and zero or more "Task" and "Chore"

  • A Project Milestone can have one ore more "Task"

  • A Operations can have one or more "Task" and "Chore"

Issue Type Usage Roles

jira project

The container holding different issue types together. Also contains the overall definition of the scope, stakeholders, etc.

When a project has no milestones, this is the flight level on which we plan "VSHN wide" projects and timeline planning

Reporter: The main stakeholder
Assignee: Project Manager

jira project milestone

A milestone is a specific point in time within a project lifecycle, used as signal posts for: a project’s start or end date, a need for external review or input, a need for budget checks, submission of a major deliverable, etc. Milestones have a fixed (due) date.

Reporter: The main stakeholder
Assignee: Project Manager

jira operations

Used to group different categories of work or services on the customer side; not used in project management.

Reporter: Service Manager
Assignee: Service Manager or Technical Service Manager

If you encounter an error in one of VSHN’s own services (Mail, GitLab, etc.) please don’t open a ticket in the VT space, but rather in the VSHNOPS space, and don’t forget to use the corresponding template. This helps the corresponding team (usually Polaris) to solve the issue faster and better.