VSHN HackDay

vshn hackday

The VSHN HackDay is a two-day event for all VSHNeers to hack on cool stuff. It will be organized irregularly and usually takes place on a Thursday and Friday. The event is open to all VSHNeers who are interested to break out of the daily business and work on cool and fun stuff.

This doesn’t only apply to technical work, that could also be to work on processes / things which someone wanted to do for a long time. Or even make part of the VSHN office a little bit better or different.

Before the event

Before the event takes place, ideas are collect in our Forum. Every VSHNeer can post ideas there which could attract other VSHNeers to take part and discuss the idea. Ideas should have to do something with VSHN, in any form.

Please only one idea per topic. Just open a new topic for new ideas.

A registration for the event is needed so that we know who takes part and we can organize accordingly. Please check with your team for work planning in scheduling in advance.

Daily business has to be kept up, for the most important services (operations, on-call). Teams have to plan for that in advance. Unfortunately that could mean that not every VSHNeer is able to participate in the HackDay (no worries, there will be a next event).

The event itself

The event takes place offline in one of the VSHN offices. It will last for two days (usually Thursday and Friday).

Odoo attendance for these days can be logged with at most 8 hours.

We’ll have Lunch together, organized by the HackDay orga team.

Course of the event

A few days before the event

Pick an idea you’re interested in from the Forum. If there is no idea yet in which you’re interested to work on, you’re free to propose a new idea or ask around. Add the idea (if it isn’t there yet) and your name to the table in the wiki (link to be sent in the attendee info email). This way groups can be formed already before the event.

At the beginning of the event

We’ll meet at 10:00 in person to kick-off the event with an introduction and a run-through of the event.

During the event

Groups organize themselves to work on the ideas. Socializing with other groups can happen all the time, however they fit.

Conclusion of the event

On the second day of the event at 16:00 local time, all groups come together in their respective offices, and each group presents the outcome (max. 5 minutes) of the work done during the HackDay. Votes are done with Mentimeter once all presentations are done. Each participant has one vote. The idea / group with the most votes wins a prize (CHF 500.00 per group to spend in Swibeco in Switzerland, CAD 100.00 in Canada) and glory and honor 🎉.

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