Quick Links

In VSHN we use a variety of tools to help us do our jobs. This section provides quick links to many of them. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, there’s a "Tools" section in the Control Panel (see below) which lists all services you have access to!


Control panel

Manage Servers and Customers

Webmail and calendar

Our Mail and Calendar


Our Confluence Wiki to record everything from processes to howtos.

Rocket Chat

Our Chat program where we discuss everything VSHN related.

Discussion Forum

Our discussion forum to have longer lasting discussions.


Tickets and Project Management

VSHN Central (Odoo ERP)

To log presence, and for leave requests

Zoom Meetings

Tool to make Video Calls

Nextcloud file storage

File Storage, mainly for business and marketing related files.


Our password manager.



Our internal source code management


Our open source software projects


Status page

Our Status Page will inform customers about planned maintenance and incidents.