Onboarding New VSHNeers

We recognize that an onboarding experience sets the tone for a new VSHNeer’s journey with us and the importance of the new VSHNeer to feel equipped with everything needed to succeed.

Accountable Circle

Recruiting Work Group


Business Operations (Management)

People Operations is responsible for the administrative onboarding, ordering hardware, and connecting the new VSHNeer with their new Team and Mentor.

Importance of onboarding

So that new VSHNeers can be prepared from their first day through to the end of their three-month trial period, we aim to introduce the new VSHNeer to everything needed to be successful in their new role.

Also, to ensure all feedback is communicated when the new VSHNeer is doing well or if the new VSHNeer is not a perfect fit.

Who is involved with onboarding:


This is usually the hiring manager who helped create the role description and oversaw all candidates within the recruiting process or another direct stakeholder to the position.

A mentor will sync regularly with the new VSHNeer throughout the trial period and be available for any questions.

The Mentor will also introduce an onboarding plan in Wiki, which is detailed with all the information needed within week 1, week 2, and weeks 3-5, 6-9, 10-11, and 12.

Shadow Buddy

This is someone within the team who can guide you through the team’s day-to-day work. This may be one more than one VSHNeer.

A Shadow Buddy will sit with the new VSHNeers in the first week and then have dedicated daily, weekly, or bi-weekly blockers in their diary to be available and open for any needed questions.

The purpose of this role is so that the new VSHNeer doesn’t feel like they are disturbing anyone in their daily work.

New Team

The new team will be available on the first day and introduce themselves individually to the new VSHNeer.

People Operations

People Operations will be there on the first day to meet with the new VSHNeer, and they will schedule syncs in the diary for weeks 3, 7, 9, 11, and the end of the trial meeting.

The purpose of this role within onboarding is so that the new VSHNeers feel like there is a safe environment outside of the team where two-way feedback can be communicated.

Management and Board

As part of the onboarding, we suggest the new VSHNeer schedules a sync with a management or board member for a Q and A session.

Office management

Whether the new VSHNeer decides to work remotely or from the office with their dedicated personal workplace budget, Office Management will be available to discuss these options with the new VSHNeer.

New VSHNeer

Last but not least, as the most important person in this process, the new VSHNeer will also be responsible for reaching out to the relevant VSHNeers for any help, guidance, and support.

We are all happy to help in any way we can, so just ping anyone on chat when needed.

This process is tracked and reviewed as part of VIP-148.