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General Manager of VSHN Canada

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VSHN Switzerland Management

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VSHN Canada Board (Board of Directors)


With VIP-24 VSHN has decided to implement a follow-the-sun concept to cover 24/7 operations for our customer business, to reduce the burden of working outside normal working hours.

To do this, we need staff at additional locations around the world, ideally about 8 time zones apart from Switzerland. The Swiss evening hours and the time until midnight are most important for us because of scheduled changes and periodic maintenance work, and are therefore our priority.

With VSHN Canada - The DevOps Company Inc., located in Vancouver, British Columbia, we have our first follow-the-sun location, and employ people locally there.

Key Responsibilities

  • People in Vancouver are effectively working to cover the follow-the-sun needs of VSHN.

  • VSHN is a legally compliant employer in Vancouver.

Key Deliverables

  • VSHN Canada Opeartons - Primarily maintenance amd other night work, and plannable work capacity for other VSHN Teams.

  • Invoices of the services to VSHN Switzerland.


This shows the high level organization of VSHN Canada in relation to VSHN Switzerland.

vshn canada org relations.drawio
Identity and Culture

We’re one company, we share the same Identity and Culture.

Legal Structure
Purpose and Operations
  • VSHN Canada hires people, employs them in Vancouver.

  • VSHN Canada employees are part of VSHN Teams to cover European evening and night work.

  • VSHN Switzerland pays costs of VSHN Canada.



While there are naturally cultural differences, we strive for equivalence for all employees and adhere to our common Values.

  • If exceptions are necessary (for example local employment conditions), we decide together with Peoople Operations and VSHN Switzerland Management

  • We try to find simple, generally and if possible globally applicable solutions that do not require further exceptions.

  • Whenever possible, we try to unify organizational, process and tooling globally and don’t reinvent the wheel.

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-46