Product Manager

A Product Manager is responsible for the VSHN Product Portfolio.

This role is the lead of Products as a member of the _Products Work Group.

Role keeper

Tobias Brunner

Key Responsibilities

Be the lead and do the operational work for:

Know the market
  • Customers needs

  • Partners who complement the VSHN offering

  • Competitors

  • Possible future demand

Product vision
  • Ideas for potential new products

  • Knows the technical landscape VSHN is in

Portfolio management
  • Manage the VSHN Product Portfolio.

  • See dependencies between products and find a way to cross- / up-sell products. E.g.

    • Users of product x might also be interested in this product.

    • Users of this product might also want to buy x.

Business model and pricing

Manage the business model and financial aspects per product:

  • (Instance) Pricing, including managing variants

  • Product costs

  • Revenue and spending

Product Roadmap
Partner Management

Coordinate the strategic partnerships together with the Partner Managers.



  • Work closely with the Product and Customer Solutions Teams whenever useful.

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-123