The Office Life

The Light

In the gangway at Neugasse 10.

Current situation

The light is off by default. There are a few lights which are on all the time, this is due security reason. If you use the light button in the gangway it gives you 2 minutes of light.

Change light situation

If the interval of the light needs to be changes you can adjust this in the "electro room", located right outside Neugasse 10 (next to the elevator). The key in the key locker. There is a timer and the related manual can be found in the document storage next to it.

Replacement of broken lights

This is normally done by the cleaning company. If this isn’t the case, inform Antares, so that they can contact the landlord. Check if they can do a replacement with LED instead of Halogen lights to save energy.

The Plants

There are a few plants in our office. I (Janine) assigned myself to care for the green Stuff at the office, but I’m not available all the time.

Here you can find a small how to fulfill the "watering the plants" when it becomes your duty.


Plants obviously need water, which means we have to water our plants, regularly.

But no worries, most plants die because of over-watering, so better watering once less instead once too often.

Standalone plants in VSHNtower

Watering can is located in the wall cabinet on the left side.

  • once a week

  • use tap water

  • use approx 2 cans of water for the plants standing around (in total, not for every plant)

Wall plants in VSHNtower
  • Watering once a week

  • Normal tap water

  • It’s a hydro system, means there is a watering display in every pot

  • Fill in water on the side (there is an extra watering hole on the top edge of every pot) until the red water display is up to max

Standalone plants in Neugasse 10
  • there are a few plants

  • those are not the biggest light lovers, so don’t move them into direct sunlight (when they look bad, it’s the water, not the sun).

  • watering once a week

  • use tap water

  • you can ignore the big tree as this one is obviously dead


Water is one thing, but more than this plant need sunlight.


  • Don’t close the shutters to very dark, make sure that some light is coming through

  • If possible leave don’t close the door next to the elevator (on the right side)

  • don’t move the plants around randomly

  • most of the plants (except the dead tree) are placed at their location by purpose


If everything works well, plants will grow, so we are able to make baby plants out of the office plants. If you’re interested in having one, let me know, I’m happy to help.

SOS plants

Yes you can bring your nearly dying plant to the office and let me check if I can help. But if you do so, place it in the former common room in Neugasse 10. This to avoid the spread of potential pests to the resident plants.

Plants are no food

It might be obvious but just to say. Do not eat the plants and also avoid your kids/pets to do so. Most of the plants are toxic for small pets and toddlers. In some cases even the pouring water can have a bad impact.