Apprenticeships at VSHN

An apprentice is more than just an employee because, in addition to attending vocational school ("Berufsschule" in Switzerland), we are responsible for providing practical vocational training. To prepare for their future work life, an apprentice should become a full member of a suitable technical team at VSHN and work within the team’s normal workflow as soon as possible. However, we cannot expect them to learn everything on their own like experienced IT employees. An apprentice requires guidance, daily support, education, and exposure to appropriate work based on their personal development level and the official educational plan of the apprenticeship. As an apprenticing company, we also have legal and administrative requirements to fulfill. Moreover, the apprentice needs clear go-to persons and often requires daily support in various matters, as well as escalation options if one person is unable to provide the necessary assistance.

It is essential to organize this process properly and regularly review and adapt it to ensure a successful completion of the apprenticeship.

Organization of current apprenticeships

Apprentice Official Job description Current Team Responsible Roles

No current Apprentice



Internal Documentation

All the internal documentation, work assignments, etc. happens in the wiki here and with actual tasks in our Jira.

Planned apprenticeships

Currently, we’re not looking to have additional apprentices.

This is tracked and reviewed as part of VIP-218