SOGo calendars are an important tool of collaboration with your team members.

Shared Calendars in SOGo

In SOGo’s calendar view you’ll find a "Subscriptions" section in your side bar. Click on the round "+" sign to search for a shared calendar.

calendar sidebar subscriptions

Popular shared calendars:

  • VSHN Company

  • VSHN Delegate Circles

  • VSHN Events

  • Internal Education

  • VSHN Tower (big room in Neugasse 6 on top floor)

  • Meeting rooms

  • Personal calendars of your colleagues

    calendar subscribe dialog

Access your Calendars from Evolution

If you use GNOME Evolution you can access your SOGo calendars following these steps.

  1. In SOGo, click on the "  Links to this Calendar" menu next to your calendar. Copy the first field, labeled "CalDAV URL" to your clipboard.

    calendar links
  2. Open the Edit  Accounts dialog box.

    calendar accounts
  3. Click the Add button and select the "Calendar" option.

  4. Select the "CalDAV" type.

  5. Enter the URL copied in the previous step.

  6. Enter your username in the "User" field.

  7. Click the Find Calendars button.

    calendar properties
  8. You will be asked for your password. Enter it and a list of possible calendars will appear. Select the one you want, choose a color and a name for it, and click OK to close the dialogs.

The same procedure applies to contacts (using CardDAV) and task lists (using CalDAV).

Bonus: Holiday Calendar

If you want to add a calendar with the official holidays in Zurich, add a new calendar of type "On The Web" with the following URL:

Share your Personal Calendar

Your personal calendar must be visible for your peers to see; this way they can tell where you are at any given moment. These are the steps to do share your personal calendar.

  1. Click on the "  Sharing…" menu next to your calendar.

  2. Choose "Any Authenticated User"–all SOGo users will have access to this calendar.

    • Public: "View All"

    • Confidential: "View the Date & Time"

    • Private: None

calendar share