SOGo calendars are an important tool for collaboration with your team members.

Some info remains in our wiki: SOGo - Share Calendar

Share your Personal Calendar

Your personal calendar must be visible for your peers to see; this way they can tell where you are at any given moment. These are the steps to do share your personal calendar.

  1. Click on the "⋮ < Sharing…" menu next to your calendar. Mind that you have to scroll in the context menu.

  2. Choose "Any Authenticated User"–all SOGo users will have access to this calendar.

    • Public: "View All"

    • Confidential: "View the Date & Time"

    • Private: None

      calendar share
  3. Choose "Public Access" and set all to none if there isn’t a really good reason somebody unauthenticated should access your calendar.

    • Public: None

    • Confidential: None

    • Private: None

      calendar share public

Shared Calendars in SOGo

In SOGo’s calendar view, you’ll find a "Subscriptions" section in your sidebar. Click on the round "+" sign to search for a shared calendar.

calendar sidebar subscriptions

Popular shared calendars:

  • VSHN Company

  • VSHN Events

  • Internal Education

  • Interest Groups

  • Meeting rooms

    • VSHN Tower

    • VSHN Meeting Room

    • VSHN Entrance

  • Personal calendars of your colleagues

    calendar subscribe dialog

Rename the calendar with the 3 dots, not via properties, so it will be ordered alphabetically after renaming.

calendar sogo sorting

Create Recurring Meetings for Work/Interest Groups

Use Interest Groups to send invites for recurring meetings for interest groups. For that, we can do changes to recurring meetings even though the original organizer is unavailable.

Add the calendar in SOGo like in the pic below:

calendar add interest groups

After that create the appointment with that calendar via in the web browser).

Clients for Calendar

You are free to use your local calendar client. People are using Evolution and Thunderbird, and we are using most probably a ton of other clients.

Below you’ll find some tips for different clients.

Access your Calendars from Evolution

If you use GNOME Evolution you can access your SOGo calendars following these steps.

  1. In SOGo, click on the "⋮ < Links to this Calendar" menu next to your calendar. Copy the first field, labeled "CalDAV URL" to your clipboard.

    calendar links
  2. Open the Edit < Accounts dialog box.

    calendar accounts
  3. Click the Add button and select the "Calendar" option.

  4. Select the "CalDAV" type.

  5. Enter the URL copied in the previous step.

  6. Enter your username in the "User" field.

  7. Click the Find Calendars button.

    calendar properties
  8. You will be asked for your password. Enter it and a list of possible calendars will appear. Select the one you want, choose a color and a name for it, and click OK to close the dialogs.

The same procedure applies to contacts (using CardDAV) and task lists (using CalDAV).

Access your Calendars from Thunderbird

  1. Go to Thunderbird Calendar and click on +

    calendar thunderbird 01
  2. Choose "on the network"

    calendar thunderbird 02
  3. In SOGo, click on the "⋮ < Links to this Calendar" menu next to your calendar. Copy the second field, labeled "WebDAV ICS URL" to your clipboard.

    calendar links
  4. Paste the personal.ics link from above in and your username.

    calendar thunderbird 03
  5. Click on the calendars you want to join and click subscribe.

    calendar thunderbird 04

Access your Calendars from Outlook

  1. Download the CalDavSynchronizer

  2. After downloading the synchronizer you need to unzip the folder

  3. Run the Setup.exe

  4. Restart Outlook

  5. After starting Outlook you should see a menu called "CalDav Synchronizer"

    calendar outlook 01
  6. Click on the menu and click "Synchronization Profiles"

    calendar outlook 02
  7. It will open a window called "Options"

  8. Click on the green "+" symbol

    calendar outlook 03
  9. Choose SOGo as your profile type

    calendar outlook 04
  10. Click on "Advanced Setting" and fill in your personal information

    calendar outlook 05
    • You can get the DAV URL from SOGo if you click on the three points next to your calendar and after that click "Links to this Calendar"

      calendar outlook 06
    • Copy the second link

      calendar outlook 07
  11. After finishing the Profile click Synchronize now

    calendar outlook 08

Access your Calendars from macOS Calendar

You have to unsubscribe from all your calendars in SOGo first, otherwise you probably cannot connect with MacOS.
  1. Start macOS Calendar and open the Settings (Command + ,)

    calendar mac icon
  2. Choose "Accounts" in the top bar

    calendar mac accounts
  3. Hit the + button and choose "other CalDAV Account…​"

    calendar mac type
  4. Enter your E-Mail Address ending with the .net and your password

    calendar mac auto
  5. If this does not work, you can choose the account type Advanced and enter the following settings.

    calendar mac advanced

Access your Calendars from iOS

Unsubscribe from all except your own calendar in web client or else the phone gets overwhelmed and will not sync.
  1. Go to the iOS Settings App

  2. Go to CalendarAccountsAdd AccountOtherAdd CalDAV Account

  3. Add the following settings

    • Server:

    • Username: firstname.surname

    • Password: you know this part

    • Description: whatever you choose

Bonus: Holiday Calendar

If you want to add a calendar with the official holidays in Zurich, add a new calendar of type "On The Web" with the following URL: