Conflict Resolution Process

One of the most important objectives of VSHN is to create a great work environment. We’re aware, however, that conflicts may arise from time to time. This page provides some guidance as to how to solve those issues in the most productive way.

The conflict resolution process is very simple and straightforward:

  1. Talk directly to the VSHNeer you have a tension/problem with or is responsible for the topic.

  2. Discuss tension within team.

  3. Talk to People Care

  4. Talk to management

1. Talk to the other person

The first, simplest step for any conflict resolution starts with an open, respectful, frank, and private dialog between the involved parties. Take a moment to discuss the issue at hand, preferably in private, and if preferred, sharing some tea or coffee. Most problems usually stem from misunderstandings, and the VSHNeer spirit will always appreciate a honest conversation.

2. Discuss with the team

Some issues, however, might spread outside of the private circle of VSHNeers and affect a whole team. In that case, gather the involved parties and expose the issue at hand, respectfully and thoroughly. Request your Team Facilitator or Scrum Master to moderate the discussion if needed.

3. Talk to People Care

If all else fails, our People Care will mediate to solve the situation, as a neutral position in the interest of the company.

4. Talk to Management

If the issue persists, it makes sense to involve company management to solve the issue. As a last resort, our Management might intervene and eventually take a final decision in the situation.