A Mentor is a senior VSHNeer helping a new VSHNeer to get into VSHN, and learn everything about VSHN.


  • Responsible for the new VSHNeer during the Trial period.

  • The primary contact person for the new VSHNeer.


Onboarding program for the new VSHNeer.

The onboarding program is created in the Wiki here.
  • Execution of onboarding program.

  • Regular catch-up with new VSHNeer (daily get together or as it fits).

  • Trial period meetings with the new VSHNeer and a member of the team.


Education, to teach all about VSHN to the new VSHNeer:

  • What does VSHN do?

  • What are the different Teams doing?

  • How to work with Jira and how to create tasks?

  • How to do attendance tracking in Odoo?

  • How to do worklogs?

  • When do all the regular meetings happen, and what meetings are available?

  • Where to find the best food in town?

  • When and where to get beers with other VSHNeers?

  • Where are all the things located in the VSHN office?

All these topics are collected in onboarding knowledge building checklists, which are created from wiki templates here.
  • Execution of onboarding program.

  • Progress of new VSHNeer.

Out of Scope

Technical help

Getting help on the day-to-day work is the responsibility of the Team.


Teaching the "VSHN way" needs some good practical experience working at VSHN. Being a mentor is only possible after being a VSHNeer for more than a year.

Being a mentor carries some duties (see above). This shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it must be carried out carefully. It helps new VSHNeers a lot to get help from a real VSHNeer.

It makes sense for the Mentor to be from the same Team, but it’s not a strict requirement. It’s more important for the mentor to be able to really teach about the "VSHN way."