Odoo 16 Tips and Tricks

This page contains tips and tricks to work with Odoo 16 aka the VSHN Central.

Open Search Menu


Press slash (/)


CTRL+K then slash (/)

Timesheet View

If you are interested to view your daily work logs including the description directly, as in the picture below, following steps should be done.

odoo tips 01
  1. Go to Timesheet main menu.

  2. Change to list view.

    odoo tips 02
  3. Choose 'Date' and then 'Day' at 'Group By'.

  4. Choose 'Filters' and 'Add Custom Filter'.

    1. Choose 'Task', 'is not equal to', and '[t3] Time Off'

      odoo tips 03
    2. With that you make sure your future time off do not appear in the time sheet view.

  5. Add it as Favorite and use as default if you like the view.


Use / for formatting in text boxes. /h1 will give you a heading 1.

Tasks / Tickets

You can relate your tickets to other tickets, see picture:

odoo tips related tickets