Tech Strategy

tech strategy.drawio

Main Technology Beliefs

  • Applications belong in containers by default.

  • All manual recurring effort is reduced as much as possible through automation.

Make or Buy

Whenever possible, we prefer to use services offered by the cloud service provider. This applies to Kubernetes, as well as any other services needed to provide the required infrastructure, like databases, caches, search index, queues, but also infrastructure building blocks like storage, shared file systems or load balancers.

Should the chosen infrastructure not provide the required services, we provide them on top of Kubernetes. If there is no way to run a service on Kubernetes, we can make an exception and run it directly on virtual machines.

If we also have to bring our own Kubernetes, we do that with Red Hat OpenShift.

Kubernetes First

We use Kubernetes to deploy workload, but it is also used as a common control plane for service provisioning and for container orchestration.

Service Providers

We don’t have our own Hardware but are deploying our services on top of already existing infrastructure.

Our primary area of expertise lies in automating service and infrastructure provisioning. In instances where more in-depth knowledge of a specific infrastructure is necessary, we collaborate with specialized partners to ensure comprehensive expertise in the required field.

These are the main service providers we work with:

Public Cloud

  • Exoscale

  • Amazon AWS

  • Google Cloud

  • Microsoft Azure

Private Cloud
  • Swisscom (VMware based)

  • aspectra (VMware based)