Tech Strategy

We believe technology wise
  • Applications belong in containers by default.

  • All manual recurring effort is reduced as much as possible through automation.

For that we use
  • Kubernetes both as a common control plane for service provisioning and for container orchestration.

  • Kubernetes offering from the cloud provider. If there is no usable Kubernetes available, we provide Kubernetes in virtual machines in the form of Red Hat OpenShift.

  • Services (Database, Cache, Search, Queue, etc.) offered by the cloud provider. If there are no matching services available, we provide them on top of Kubernetes.

    • If there is no way to run a service on Kubernetes, we can make an exception and run it directly on virtual machines.

  • Infrastructure building blocks (for example storage, shared file systems, load balancers, etc.) from the cloud provider. If not possible or available we provide them on top of Kubernetes ourselves. If not possible or feasible we provide them ourselves using Managed Servers on virtual machines.

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