Partner Management: Definition and Scope

Partner management is no longer regarded as a separate domain, but as an integral activity of Marketing, Product Management, and Sales & Account Management.


Partner management encompasses the strategies and activities aimed at nurturing relationships with partner companies to enhance mutual growth. It involves understanding partners' businesses, strategies, markets, and key stakeholders, while also defining the synergy and objectives of the partnership. This collaboration can take the form of reselling products, creating combined offers, or engaging in joint marketing initiatives.


  • Understand the dynamics and strategies of partner companies.

  • Grow and nurture relationships, ensuring mutual benefits.

  • Drive initiatives such as joint marketing campaigns.

  • Maintain awareness of contractual obligations, certification statuses, and reporting requirements.

  • Foster clear communication and collaboration between VSHN and partner companies.

Involved Activities

  • Strategic Oversight: Understand the partner’s strategy, maintain contact, plan joint business initiatives, and monitor certification requirements and risks.

  • Sales Coordination: Engage in joint deals, maintain contact lists, identify sales opportunities, and participate in roadshows and other initiatives.

  • Marketing Collaboration: Plan and execute joint events, campaigns, and webinars, ensuring that branding guidelines are upheld.

  • Operational Tasks: Organize regular sync meetings, ensure certifications are in place, plan joint marketing initiatives, and manage financial aspects such as invoicing and funding.

Types of Partners

  • Consultant & Reseller: Collaborative entities that can either bring business to VSHN or work alongside VSHN on projects.

  • CSP (Cloud Service Provider): Entities that either sell VSHN services to their clients or provide infrastructure for VSHN offerings.

  • Software Vendor: Companies whose software is sold by VSHN to its customers. Partnerships here might necessitate specific certifications.

  • Distributor: Intermediaries between software vendors and VSHN, often handling licensing and supporting marketing & lead generation.

  • Customer: While customers are crucial stakeholders for VSHN, in the context of this definition, they are not classified under "Partner Management."