Respond to Organizational Drivers

For every organizational Driver we’ve to decide how we respond to it. It doesn’t always mean that we need to start creating proposals for governance decision making.

s3 gov vs ops

Is the act of setting goals, and making and evolving decisions on policies, processes and definitions that influence how we act and behave in the future.


Is where the actual work happens and how teams or individual VSHNeers organize their day to day activity. This usually means that there is already a previous decision like a domain description or an agreement that allows us to just act - we don’t need another decision.

This is based on Sociocracy 3.0 Patterns we adapted. Use them where ever they might help you. VSHN Improvement Proposals (VIPs) can help you through this.

Formats to do this

  • In a Governance Meeting present the Driver and go though the steps from the poster above.

  • Ask in the chat channel of the accountable circle "Do you see a potential objection if we just do this and this here?" if you feel that this can simply be done (Operations).

This often becomes quite clear by the time we understood and assigned the Driver. However, it doesn’t hurt to check if there are any objections to the way of responding you have chosen.