Project Management and Planning

We use issue linking to link task and project management together ("blocks" and "blocked by"):

  • Each customer gets a Jira project called "Customer: NAME," with an ID that’s composed of three or four characters, easily associated to the name.

    • Project Lead: Customer Account Manager (CAM)

  • In a Customer Jira Project, there is at least one issue of type "Operations."

  • This is used for ongoing operations and customer requests, which aren’t tied to a specific project.

  • A Customer Project is planned in the issue type "Project." There is a "Customer Project" template available, which adds a boilerplate with all information and questions needed.

  • Real work gets done in one of the shared issue types [Link to Shared Issue Types Page].

If you use Firefox you can add the Jira search engine to your "One-Click Search Engines" list by clicking the button on the location bar. Then, in about:preferences#search you can assign a keyword to it, for faster searches.

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