At VSHN we use Passbolt as our official password manager. This page contains all the information you need to get it up and running.


  1. To be able to install Passbolt, you will need an invitation, please ask in #Corporate-IT.

  2. Once you receive an invitation to join, follow the link and install the browser addon. Note: Unfortunately, there isn’t a browser addon for Safari yet, so please use Chrome or Firefox.

  3. Make sure to keep the private key that Passbolt gives to you during the set up, you will need this if you ever change browser or computer.

You can only have one browser configured for Passbolt at any one time. If you change browser or computer, it will make you go through the account recovery process, for which you need your private key and your password. There is no way to reset your password or to get your private key back. If you have lost either of these, your account will need to be deleted and re-created.

How to use

Passbolt is similar to other password managers in that it uses a browser plugin to allow you to input credentials into forms without ever even seeing the password. You can also search for passwords directly from the addon, or you an use the web interface by logging in here: There is also a redirect from to this.


Passbolt does not allow administrators to add users to groups before they have activated their account. This means that your account will need to be added to the relevant groups in the admin interface after you have activated your account.

Finding file attachments

Unfortunately, Passbolt does not support file attachments to passwords yet, it is in their roadmap for 2022. Text files have been stored in the encrypted description field of passwords and picture files have been stored in NextCloud, with links put in the password description field.


Can I use Passbolt in two separate browsers?

No, it is only possible to use Passbolt in one browser, on one machine. If you try to use it on a second one, it will take you through the account recovery and you will not be able to use it in the first one.

Can I use Passbolt with my Mac?

Yes, but not on Safari.

Can I use Passbolt to save my personal passwords?

Yes, but be aware that if you do not share them with anyone else (in a group for example), then if you lose access to your Passbolt account, those passwords are lost forever.