VSHN’s Identity

This page is the starting point to read and understand what VSHN is, why we exist, how we plan to achieve our goals, and what we do and offer to make it happen.


Our purpose, cause, or belief. WHY do we exist as a company? And WHY should anyone care about our work and offerings? Others might call this "Vision."

We help the software industry to continually focus on their core business.
— Why VSHN

What this means

We don’t attempt to solve every IT problem that organizations might encounter. Instead, we focus on companies that produce and operate their software or need to operate third-party software as a part of their core business. We guide them in these processes and take over operational responsibility for the most crucial aspects, enabling software companies—and especially their developers—to focus on value creation ("coding").


The HOW is how we think we bring our WHY to life and what makes us and our company unique. Others might call this "Mission."

We are Technology Leaders at bringing New Solutions into Continuous Operations.
— VSHN's How

What this means

VSHN is recognized as a technology leader and pioneer, always open to exploring new methods and challenging the status quo to seek out improvements and adopt better practices. Our drive to innovate and refine our methods is why our customers value us.

  • This philosophy influences what we offer our customers, especially in how we handle technical aspects, collaboration and self-service.

  • It also shapes our approach to our organizational system and personal interactions, ensuring we don’t stick to old habits.

We constantly explore new technologies and approaches to build sustainable and reliable solutions, balancing innovation’s excitement with the need for continuous, dependable operations. This balance is our niche and our key challenge. We need innovators who push boundaries and pragmatic implementers who uphold our standards of proactive, high-quality, customer-focused service. We must ensure that our innovations do not negatively impact operations, while staying open to new paths and accepting challenging opportunities with our customers and partners.


Every VSHNeer should be easily able to describe the products or services VSHN provides or the job function they have within that system. These are the concrete things that we offer or do within our HOW.

VSHN is not one product or one business; we have various Business Areas with different products and (managed) services. Some fundamentally differ from each other in terms of business logic, technology, customer interaction, and the maturity of the product or service.

vshn business directions.drawio

We see VSHN as an "incubator" for developing new products and services (as a "Technology Leader"), to then maintain and sustain them (“Continuous Operation”), thereby increasing profitability in the long term.

General Business Strategy

What is the logic of our business that all we do has in common?

We focus on delivering scalable, automated managed services rather than engaging in custom engineering or selling our engineers' time for one-off projects. Our goal is to build comprehensive solutions that lead to VSHN managed services, ensuring recurring revenue and cost control for our customers.

  • Our focus is on providing managed, guaranteed services, using automation and self-service to create stable, recurring revenue and to give customers cost control.

  • We provide support, customization and limited custom engineering during onboarding and later changes / expansions to managed services, usually billed by the hour.

  • We define what "VSHN managed" includes, focusing on automation and standardization to avoid manual processes and ensure service quality. Some on-demand usage support and, of course, incident handling are generally included.

Business Areas

While we try to show everything about who we are and how we work publicly with our handbook, business strategy at some point is considered internal and is therefore only in our Wiki.

On the following wiki pages, you will find the descriptions, strategic direction, business model visualizations, profitability numbers, and high-level strategy for each Business Area:

Also see our Product Portfolio for the products and services resulting out of these business areas.

Values, Organization and Work Culture

As by our HOW, VSHN is unique in terms of how we’re organized, how we see leadership, transparency, responsibility and business agility, all based on our Values. Start reading about this here: