Business Development Manager

This role is one of the first people incoming inquiries get to know. The role filters all inquiries aiming to onboard prospects who fit VSHN’s customer target groups according to the services and products VSHN can provide. Solution teams' capabilities and wishes are part of the Sales On-Boarding Process. In addition, the BDM role keeps an eye on the marketplace. As an outcome of the qualification meeting they propose possible new fields and possibilities VSHN can improve or extend its service portfolio. So far, the BDM is in charge not only of taking over the generated leads but also to take care that the sales process is followed.

Key Responsibilities

Ensure company revenue growth by
  • Outbound sales and lead-generation as part of the Sol Team.

  • Contacting and qualifying incoming prospects

  • Selling VSHN’s products and services according to VSHN’s product portfolio.

  • Successfully acquiring new customers that fit VSHN’s customer profile.

  • Having a state-of-the-art sales process.

  • Proactively represent VSHN’s values and beliefs to the outside world.

Other Duties
  • As BDM you are VSHN’s face for our target market.

  • You are leading price and contract negotiations.

  • You are the first contact for prospects, commercial inquiries, leads from partners, and potential new partners.

  • You help Developer Relations as well as our Marketing to generate leads and to contact leads to qualify as soon as possible.

  • You organize qualification meetings and solution architecture meetings with Solution Architects.

  • You take part and actively contribute to the Technical Pre-Sales weekly meeting.

Key Deliverables

  • Qualified leads

  • Sales closures


Collaboration within the Teams
  • The Inside Sales and BDM are closely working together to make sure that all data is up-to-date and that the Onboarding as well as the Sales Process is followed.

  • The Customer Success Manager and the BDM are in regular exchange to make sure, that possible new opportunities out of CSM-Work are followed up.

  • The Solution Architect works togehter in Pre-Sales topics like meetings and requirements engineering as well as expectation managment towards the customer in order to find the best fitting solution on a technical and business level.

  • Alignement with Marketing to execute and follow up campaigns.

Product Management
  • Products defines products and services that we can sell.

Customer Solution Teams

Evaluation Criteria

Seen as the sales team
  • Takes part in tender meetings and sales-related events.

  • All involved parties are coordinated and up-to-date.

  • Continuous improvement of the sales process.

Seen as the company
  • VSHN is able to scale its business through selling products and services to new customers.

  • The sales funnel is constantly filled.

Seen as the customer
  • Postive experience and guidance through the sales process.

  • Customer communication is done within a timely and positive manner.

Out of scope

A BDM isn’t:

  • The direct contact for existing customers

  • A project related first contact

Assignment of this role

By the affected Domain: Sales

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-131