VSHN Product Portfolio

This page is being reworked, but still exists in the current form until we were able to fully update it. The main driver for the rework of the portfolio are the new Key Deliverables.

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Figure 1. The VSHN Product Portfolio Overview
A detailed product description is available under VSHN Products documentation.


We buy infrastructure (VMs, storage, network, …​) from third-party service providers and resell it to customers. A customer can also bring their own infrastructure (called "On Premise") or cloud account which we can use to setup our services. We don’t own or operate hardware and virtual machine infrastructure (hypervisor) for customers.

See VSHN Certified Service Provider (VCSP) for a description of the three different types of infrastructure provider.

Product Description

APPUiO Managed (Kubernetes)

Kubernetes clusters (OpenShift, Rancher) managed by Project Syn. There are several possibilities how we offer and use Kubernetes:

  • Managed Kubernetes offering by service providers, like EKS, AKS or GKE (reselling).

  • Managed OpenShift by service providers (reselling).

  • OpenShift, installed in virtual machines.

  • Kubernetes, installed in virtual machines using Rancher RKE or k3s.

Project Syn is the glue between the application running on the cluster and the cluster itself. It’s the configuration management tooling to install and configure the common, cluster wide services and is the core tooling of VSHN to provide the managed service.

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Managed Server (Virtual Machines)

Virtual machines with Ubuntu LTS, managed by Puppet.

As per our Company Beliefs this product is being deprecated over the next years.


Platform services do provide essential services for running and operating applications, like database, caches, queues or proxies (non-exhaustive list).

Product Description

APPUiO Cloud

Multi-tenant shared OpenShift cluster, based on the APPUiO Managed product. A user of the platform gets one or more resource constraint OpenShift projects to deploy applications in to. There are two ways how the product is offered, depending on who "owns" the cluster:

  • VSHN: The end-user customer buys the service from VSHN and therefore has a direct contract with VSHN.

  • VSHN Customer (for example ISP), called reseller: The VSHN customer owns the cluster which is basically an APPUiO Managed cluster with the APPUiO Cloud add-on. The end-user customer buys the service from the reseller and has no legal contract with VSHN. Usually the infrastructure is owned by the reseller.

Managed Service

Managed Services on top of the virtual machine based Managed Server. The services are installed and configured fully automated using Puppet, leveraging the VSHN provided Puppet infrastructure.

  • Elasticsearch

  • MariaDB (Galera)

  • MongoDB

  • PostgreSQL

  • RabbitMQ

  • Redis

  • Solr

Infrastructure building blocks
  • OpenVPN

  • NFS

  • IPSec

  • Wireguard

  • Keepalived

  • HAProxy

  • Varnish

  • Mail Gateway

As per our Company Beliefs this product is being deprecated over the next years.

Application Catalog

Managed Services on top of Kubernetes based APPUiO Managed. This is the next generation of managed services, using Project Syn and Crossplane to manage these services on top of APPUiO Managed Kubernetes clusters.

Application / SaaS

As per our Key Drivers, this is where it actually happens on a product level. On this part of the stack we actually care about the customers application. Additionally we provide some essential applications as SaaS to our customers which help them to enable DevOps processes and workflows.

Product Description


We run your application

That’s the product which includes the full service to enable VSHN customers to do DevOps:

  • CI/CD Pipeline engineering

  • Application delivery automation with GitOps

  • Application packaging (Containerizing)

  • Custom application monitoring, alerting and incident handling

  • Architecture engineering and optimization

  • WAF (Web Application Firewall) engineering and operations

  • 24x7 On-Call with SLAs

The VSHNeers are part of the customers developer team and care about the "Ops" in DevOps.

All of this is made possible by using other VSHN products outlined in this product portfolio.

DevOps SaaS

Managed GitLab

We provide managed GitLab, currently running on top of Managed Server and Managed Services. This also includes for example GitLab CI runner.


Graylog is a log management solution which can be used to collect logs centrally.

Atlassian Tools (deprecated)

We offer the following Atlassian tools as managed service:

  • Jira

  • Confluence

  • Bitbucket

As Atlassian announced to focus solely on SaaS we don’t offer any new setups for these products anymore.

On February 2, 2021 PT, we will stop selling new licenses for our server products and cease new feature development in our server product line.
— Atlassian


The solution includes the work we’ve to do to enable our customers to use the VSHN products as professional services, billable by the hour:

  • Project management

  • Services setup and configuration where it exceeds the default setup and configuration options available.

Standardized solutions:

DevOps Workshop

This is a standardized workshop to do an analysis of the application architecture together with the customer.


We partner with several vendors for which we resell their products. These are usually software vendors which are in the same niche as VSHN provides the services for.

GitLab licenses


NGINX Application Platform licenses


Rancher licenses

Rancher (SUSE)

Cloud resources

Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, cloudscale.ch, Exoscale, Swisscom

Generic Description

vshn offering.drawio
Figure 2. The VSHN Offering


A Solution addresses a specific customer need by combining professional services and one or more products, eventually sold as subscription (combination of several products).

Solutions include the work we do as Professional Service to combine and customize products to the customers needs. For the customer the solution feels tailor made while we can standardize and scale using the building-block-products. Customization can include configuration, custom engineering, changing default product architecture, etc.

Solution descriptions are called Blueprints.

Billing model
  • By the hour or fixed price for Professional Service

  • Subscription(s) for Product

Professional Service

A Professional Service is one-time work, usually billed by the hour or at a defined fixed price.
Billing model
  • By the hour or fixed price


Products are clearly defined items which can be easily duplicated, sold as subscriptions.


  • Include all the recurring work we do to keep specific applications up and running all the time, the "managed" part of our work.

  • They can also be 3rd-party products resold by VSHN (For example cloud services, licenses or 3rd party subscriptions)

  • Products also define the available service levels and how they work

  • A product can include or be based on another product


Some words are very well described in the book The Personal MBA:


"Subscription offers provide tangible or intangible benefits on an ongoing basis in exchange for a recurring fee." Source: Personal MBA


"A Service is a form of value where you help and provide some type of benefit to someone, in exchange of a fee." Source: Personal MBA


"Products are self-contained units of economic value. They’re a tangible form of value. Providing value in Product form is valuable because Products can be Duplicated. The Personal MBA was only written once, but individual copies can be printed and delivered millions of times to readers all around the world. As a result, products tend to Scale better than other forms of value, since they can be Duplicated or Multiplied." Source: Personal MBA

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