Role Technology Alignment

New Role, work in progress. Better name for this role needed.


The team that needs to role


In a team many technical things have to be decided, one has to choose the one way out of many, how a task or a problem is solved technically. Many decisions have a long-term impact and can often only be changed again with a lot of effort. If everyone in the team would solve things the way they think is right, collaboration would hardly be possible, and in the end no one would understand how what is solved. Usually it works out naturally that the team makes such major technical decisions together, but often situations are complex or one does not even notice when a conscious decision would make sense.

We need leadership in the team that can point out technical challenges to the team or cross-team and then insist that we understand them together, find solutions, decide, implement and continuously develop it further and share it for other teams where it makes sense.

Key Responsibilities

This is the role in the team that cares about how they address technical challenges and that needed decisions are done together.

  • Give clarity to the teams what technical decisions and issues are relevant to dig into and might need alignment.

  • Facilitate, evaluate and lead development of technology and technoical doncepts decisions in the team.

  • Represent the Team in the Tech Alignment Workgroup.

  • Lead implementation of cross-team decisions from the Tech Alignment Workgroup in the Team.


Understanding of Leadership
  • The responsibility for the team’s domain stays with the team, not with this role.

  • This role isn’t about deciding for the team, it’s about insisting that the necessary decisions are made.

Role Assignment

  • By default, every team at VSHN needs to have a person in this role.

  • This role description defines the minimum responsibilities to cover, and general constraints.

  • How the team implements this role, is up to the team, under the constraints defined here.

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-X