Domain Canada Operations


Vega Team



Team Facilitator

Matthias Indermuehle

Product Owner

Sandro Kaspar (for APPUiO Managed Kubernetes Services)

Tech Alignment

Sandro Kaspar


VSHN Canada in Vancouver was founded primarily to offload plannable Swiss night work to our first follow-the-sun location. This doesn’t utilize the capacity of the personnel we have in Vancouver. This brings the opportunity for them to also do other work for VSHN.

We therefore have a team that offers their capacity and skills to all other VSHN teams and also takes on maintenance and proactive operations ownership of certain services.


  • Customers with APPUiO Managed Kubernetes Services

  • Other VSHN (Value Stream) Teams

  • Customer Support for 24/7 Support & Incident handling

Key Deliverables

  • Sales and Account Management support for Sol

Key Responsibilities

  • Plan and execute proactive instance and framework maintenance to keep APPUiO Managed Kubernetes Services instances running.

  • Execute planned and handed over task from other VSHN Teams.

  • Participate in Customer Support or On-Call rotations to cover part of 24/7 Incident handling and support.

  • Define the requirements and keep the dialog with other VSHN Teams how work is handed over to VSHN Canada.

  • Sales and Account Management support for Sol

  • Support Sol in entering the market to sell VSHN services in North America.

External Constraints


Key Resources

  • Project Syn

  • Inventory of all running services

  • SLO Monitoring System

  • Rancher Management Server (for now)

Mindset, Skills and Capabilities

Technical Skills
  • System Engineering

  • Cloud Kubernetes Experts

  • Kubernetes

  • Rancher (for now)

  • Terraform

  • Product and SLO oriented

Non-Technical Skills
  • Sales Offering

  • Account Management and Project Management

  • Customer Communication

  • Asynchronous planning and work review

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Peer Review every 2 months with representative from VSHN teams who work with VSHN Canada. Hosted by the Team Facilitator.

  • Domain Review with Delegator every 2 months after Peer Review.

Key Challenges

  • Planning, working and staying connected across a major timezone gap.

  • Stay culturally connected with VSHN Switzerland, be involved in cross-company decisions that affect VSHN CA or where contributions are needed.

  • Stay up-to-date on the technical skills and innovaton with all VSHN Value Stream Teams.

Accountable Team


This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-280