Role Team Facilitator

New Role, work in progress.


The team that needs to role


In theory, every person can lead themselves and continuously develop how they work, how they account for their domain. In practice, people are focused on operational work, and often don’t see what is needed to make the team effective and efficient.

We need leadership to develop how the team work, that gives clarity to the team members about how their work is delivering the value of their Domain, is aware and notices what is needed, and insists on these needs getting addressed to continuously develop how our teams can most effectively account for their domain and contribute to the higher business purpose.


  • Delegator (often the Management) - Needs a person to speak to the team about HOW they account for their domain.

  • Any other affected / depending Team

  • The own Team and all Team members

Key Responsibilities

This is the role that cares about how they team accounts for their domain and leads that the needed organizational things are addressed and done.

  • Give clarity to the teams about the domain of the team and how it fits into the wider organization.

  • Facilitate, evaluate and lead development of the (Agile) processes and workflow in the team

  • Represent the Team towards the Delegator

  • Lead implementation of cross-team decisions on how we work.


Understanding of Leadership
  • The responsibility for the team’s domain stays with the team, not with this role.

  • This role isn’t about deciding for the team, it’s about insisting that the necessary decisions are made.

Role Assignment

  • By default, every team at VSHN needs to have a person in this role.

  • This role description defines the minimum responsibilities to cover, and general constraints.

  • How the team implements this role, is up to the team, under the constraints defined here.

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-255