Corporate IT Project Manager


Corporate IT Workgroup

Role Keeper

in review


The people in Corporate IT Workgroup work primarily in other teams and roles at VSHN, they don’t have the capacity to focus on bigger and complext projects over a longer period of time. Still there are such projects in Corporate IT VSHN needs to get done.

We need a person that leads and stays on top of such projects.

Key Responsibilities

Lead and oversee initiation, evaluation, design, implementation, and closure of Corporate IT projects. Especially:

  • Requirements engineering including understanding of and adaption to business processes and workflows.

  • Software and tooling evaluation.

  • Solution Design lead.

  • Implementation or migration planning and oversight of execution.

  • Project budget.

  • Evaluation of needed external consulting, support and workforce.

  • Assignment and management of internal and external workforce, tracking of progress toward project completion.

  • Host and facilitation of meetings and calls to make decisions and move forward in the project.

  • Tasks within the project, as far as possible and useful (expertise and capacity).


  • Commitment of capacity from Corporate IT Work Group members for governance and operational tasks.

  • Collaboration from stakeholders and people needed for or affected by the projects.

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-251