Tech Alignment Work Group

The Work Group accountable for the Technology Alignment Domain:

Even though our Value Stream teams develop, deliver, and run different products for our customers, there are many technical things they have in common, such as similar requirements that need to be addressed, similar processes, similar infrastructure and software, etc. If each team solves these things on their own, we risk reinventing the wheel in each team and thus not only doing redundant work, but also missing the opportunity to leverage team-independent collective intelligence. Also, there are from time to time strategic technology decisions to be made that have a crucial business impact, such as technology partnerships, or the change of necessary skills when introducing a new technology.

We therefore need a way to align ourselves on the technical level, to identify problems and opportunities, and make decisions together. This allows us to find solutions for similar challenges across teams where it makes sense, learn from mistakes and developments so that they are not repeated in other teams, and prevents that we duplicate or triplicate work in different teams.


Scheduled Meetings

We meet regularly to progress our agenda. The Zoom link can be found in our chat channel.

Meeting Notes

Our meeting notes can be found in our wiki.


Talk to us in #tech-alignment-wg.

Work Tracking

We use Jira to track our work in the VTAW project. We also maintain a Kanban Board.

What we do

Work Planning

We plan work which is related to our Key Responsibilities. As the workgroup itself doesn’t do any operational work, this work is assigned to a Team which is able to work on it.

Information Sharing

We share information over team boundaries to learn from each other, in the form of brief reports.

Governance / Decisions

We’re governing VIPs assigned to our workgroup.


Tech Alignment role keepers of the Value Stream Teams and others who contribute or participate in governance.

This team is tracked and reviewed as part of VIP-265