Corporate IT Lead


Corporate IT Workgroup

Role Keeper

in review


Because Corporate IT is a Workgroup that primarily consists of people who work in other teams and roles at VSHN, we run the risk of lacking capacity or continuity of necessary duties and responsibilities.

We need a person that leads, that the needed things in Corporate IT are decided, followed-up on and done in reasonable time, and that someone has the overview of the state of all systems, the costs and serves as a go-to-person for everyone else at VSHN on the non-technical level.

Key Responsibilities

  • Governance lead of Corporate IT.

  • Ownership and prioritization of operational backlog of Corporate IT (Jira), excluding defined project work (see Corporate IT Project Manager).

  • Host and facilitation of meetings of of Corporate IT.

  • Organization of duties of Corporate IT (for example User support).

  • Ownership of the budget of Corporate IT in dialogue with Business Management.

  • Operational tasks and user support as far as possible and useful (expertise and capacity).


  • Commitment of capacity from Corporate IT Work Group members for governance and operational tasks.

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-250