Internal Communication Principles

The following principles are at the core of how we work and communicate with one another.

I am responsible

I take responsibility for the task at hand.

I am okay. You are okay

I know my counterpart.

I make sure there are no misunderstandings

I understand the request and formulate my concerns clearly.

I think inside and outside of the box

I challenge the request and point out alternative solutions.

I treat my counterpart the way I want to be treated

I keep people updated and answer promptly to their concerns.

I work transparently, comprehensibly and team-oriented

I document all steps that have been taken and are necessary for further work.

I choose an adequate communication channel

I look for personal communication if it becomes technical or emotionally difficult, or when the task at hand is unclear.

Talking is silver, listening is gold

Sometimes it’s better not to communicate.

On Your Desk

Each VSHNeer has these principles on their desk:

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