Emergency Communication Channels

In case of an emergency, usually technically and widespread, follow these few simple steps to establish the communication channel(s) or to find the right one.

Please note that this page doesn’t replace the official Business Continuity Management (BCM) Plan.
vshn.chat Reachable

When vshn.chat is reachable and works properly (not degraded or flaky), it’s used as the primary channel:

Create a new public channel for this incident, called #incident-YYYY-MM-DD, for example incident-2020-09-01 and announce it in the Threema group "VSHN Tech" and in the #general vshn.chat channel.

vshn.chat Unreachable

Announce the incident in the Threema group "VSHN Tech" and include the information that vshn.chat is unreachable.

  1. Join the VSHN Company Zoom room, the same as used for company meetings.

  2. If needed ping other VSHNeers via the on-call number or use OpsGenie to send an alert.

  3. Define who will be the Incident Commander (usually and if possible someone who is already doing Responsible Ops) and announce this in the channels (Chat and Zoom).

  4. Regularly update status.vshn.net or status.appuio.cloud during solution finding (get help from someone who is not involved in problem fixing).

  5. If an incident lasts more than 2 hours inform the Management and/or the CISO.