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VSHN Products is the part of VSHN where we find out what products we need, define them in detail, develop them and maintain and evolve them over their lifetime, so that Customer Solutions can use them to build, run and support Solutions for our customers.


Product Management Work Group


Business Operations (Management)

Lead by

Tobias Brunner (Product Manager)

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Why does Products exist?

Our current and potential customers face very different challenges that we could help them with. If we simply build and run custom solutions for each of them, it may make our customers happy, but it is not effective for us because we will have more and more technologies and products in use over time, which will kill our focus, and we will not be able to scale our business as intended.

We need to figure out the need of the market and our existing customers, define products to address that need and develop, support and manage them over their lifecycles. This way we can find matching customers, assess current customers fit to us and cover the majority of their requirements in a standardized way, and thus scale our business.


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This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-40