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Business Management

Lead by

Tobias Brunner (Product Manager)

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The Business Management is responsible for defining the corporate strategy at the highest level, and Marketing & Business Development develops a strategy for each product and defines the products in more detail. That alone is not enough to guide the work of our value stream teams. Someone has to decide what exactly to build next (product variants, features, etc.). This decision is heavily influenced by corporate and product strategy, but also by current and future customer needs.

We need a way to bring people together to decide on the specific product roadmap and gather input and data to evolve the strategy of our products.

Key Responsibilities


  • The operational work for market research, strategic planning, and writing the high level product descriptions, as well as creating marketing and sales material happens in Marketing & Business Development.

  • Writing technical Product definitions and documentation happens in collaboration between Marketing & Business Development and the Product Owner of a product.

  • The detailed product roadmap is created between the respective Product Owner and Product Management.

Key Deliverables

Key Metrics

  • Value Stream teams know what to build next at any given time

Definition of Done

When the Value Stream Team of a Product knows what to build next.

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-40