Recruiting 1st Meeting

The first meeting is a mostly informal talk with someone from Recruiting and someone that represents the Stakeholder of the Open Position to get to know the candidate better and determine if they’re VSHNary and fitting the position.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we mostly did this over a cup of coffee in our Zurich office; we hope to return to this soon. In the meantime, and for candidates who are further away, the Zoom meetings are working great so far.
It consists of
  • What experiences does the candidate bring that qualifies for this job and what do they like to do?

  • How does the job and role look like, how will the candidate fit into the role, the Team and VSHN?

  • What does VSHN do and how are we organized (company, market, products, handbook, salary system details, etc) ?

  • Explain salary system and what salary range is to be expected for the job.

  • Is the candidate willing to relocate to be employed by VSHN Zurich or is in a country that we support.

  • Next steps (recruiting process, candidate availability, pensum)

Done by
  • Someone from Recruiting.

  • Someone representing the stakeholder of the open position or role.

Reflection and Feedback


Especially for candidates we suggest they sleep over it once and give feedback in writing (e-mail). We expect a feedback within the next days.

  • Do they want to continue the application process with VSHN?

  • Open questions or clarification needed before we go ahead?

  • Match with VSHN values, beliefs and culture?

  • Match with role and open position? What experience relevant for the role(s) do they bring?

  • Other open positions the candidate could fit?

When the candidate provides Feedback via e-mail (or after a timeout) the recruiter shares the VSHN feedback with the candidate.


If we’ve a positive feedback from the candidate we check which candidates we invite for a 2nd Meeting, depending on the findings from our Reflection:

  • For this step, the stakeholder or sponsor of the open position has to be involved.

  • The candidates we want for a 2nd meeting we advance the status in Freshteam to 2nd Meeting.

This usually means that we’ve to wait, until a few 1st meetings for one position are done, so that we can compare candidates and provide a list of favorites to the stakeholders.

Other candidates are rejected in Freshteam.

This process is tracked and reviewed as part of VIP-112.