Recruiting 1st Meeting

The first meeting is a mostly informal talk with someone who represents the Stakeholder of the Open Position to get to know the candidate better and determine if they’re VSHNary and fit the position.

The first meeting can be through Zoom or face-to-face in the main working office (Zurich/Vancouver) and usually lasts around 40 minutes.

This allows the candidate to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the role’s day-to-day responsibilities and expectations. They can ask specific questions and gather insights that may not have been covered in the pre-screen interview.

The candidate can also gain a clearer picture of what working within the team would be like helping them form realistic expectations about the work environment, collaboration, and team dynamics.

The team members/stakeholders can assess the candidate’s fit with the team, their ability to collaborate effectively, and their alignment with the team’s goals and values.

Reflection and Feedback


We suggest that the candidate takes the rest of the day and sleeps on all of the information he has learned about VSHN and the Open position. The candidate is then asked to provide feedback in writing (e-mail) in the following days.

  • Do they want to continue the application process with VSHN?

  • Are there questions or clarification needed before we go ahead?

  • Is there a match with VSHN’s values, beliefs, and culture?

  • Is there a match with the role and the open position?

  • What experience relevant to the role(s) do they bring?

  • Other open positions the candidate could fit?

When the candidate provides Feedback via e-mail (or after a timeout), the recruiter shares the VSHN feedback with the candidate.


If we’ve positive feedback from the candidate and the team, we invite the candidate for a 2nd Meeting, depending on the findings from our Reflection:

  • For this step, the open position’s stakeholder or sponsor must be involved.

  • The candidates we want for a 2nd meeting, we advance the status in Recruitee to 2nd Meeting.

This usually means that we’ve to wait until a few 1st meetings for one position are done to compare candidates and provide a list of favorites to the stakeholders.

Other candidates are rejected in Recruitee.

This process is tracked and reviewed as part of VIP-112.