Customer Account Manager

This describes is the former "Customer Success Manager". The role description needs a review to become what we already live as (Key) Account Managers in Sales & Account Management.

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) is responsible for a successful business relationship. They’re the ongoing partner contact for all commercial matters like offers, contracts, invoices and feedback and promote retention and loyalty.

In German: Der Customer Success Manager ist verantwortlich für eine erfolgreiche Geschäftsbeziehung. Er/Sie ist die Hauptansprechsperson für alle geschäftlichen Angelegenheiten wie Angebote, Verträge, Rechnungen und Feedback und fördert eine gute Partnerschaft und Loyalität.


Own (be responsible for)
  • Ongoing communication with the business decision makers on the customer side.

  • Planning and execution of regular meetings to ensure that the customer is happy with the service(s) provided.

  • Customer contracts and legal requirements.

  • Be informed in case of negative or positive feedback. For negative feedback and complaints, the first person contacted must take care of mitigation measures.

  • Keep Service Managers informed, in the form of short briefings, synchronization, etc.

  • 5–10 minute tasks can be done by either Customer Success Managers or Service Managers. The other role must be informed if it affects the other role’s other processing area, for example, when creating a user, or specifying prices for products.

  • With Sales and Presales Engineering for new customers

  • With Service Managers and Project Managers for ongoing projects/tasks.

  • With Support for technical questions from customers

  • With Accounting for financial/invoicing questions from customers

  • Overview of all projects running and planned (or in sales pipeline) for this specific customer.


Out of Scope

A Customer Success Manager isn’t:

  • A project manager for the customer. See Project Manager

  • The one having technical knowledge of the platform or services of the customer. See Service Manager

  • Working on engineering tasks for the customer.

  • Answering technical questions.