Product Owner

A Product Owner coordinates all efforts to define, develop and maintain a specific product. One or more products from the VSHN product portfolio can be assigned to a Product Owner.

The role knows a product in all its details (functionality, limitations, and dependencies) and is interested in the underlying technology and keeps up-to-date with current upstream development.


Detailed product planning
  • Detailed product feature definition

  • Prioritize and clean-up backlog (Stories)

  • Manage projects to kickoff, maintain, improve or extend the product

  • Work together with stakeholders, for example Service Managers of customers which are using a product

Product maintenance
  • Write maintenance Epics and break-down in to Stories

  • Manage product upgrades

  • Coordinate major changes with product manager, for example vendor product discontinuation or major version upgrades.

Product know-how
  • Technical features and capabilities of the vendor product and the VSHN product

  • Market positioning and competitor offerings

Customer needs
  • Learnings from customer needs

  • Knows the customers and users of the product

Part of the engineering team
  • Technical knowledge about the product

  • Helps the team to make technical decisions

Product documentation

Write and maintain:

  • Technical product documentation for the user of the product and the VSHNeers, together with the engineers of the product team.

  • Product definition, together with the Product Manager and also with Product Owners of other (dependent) products.

  • Inside sales, in creating and updating product sheets and products in our ERP.

  • Sales (especially the pre-sales engineer for a specific lead) when the product is part of a potential project.

Out of Scope

A Product Owner isn’t:

  • The role actually working on the technical implementations or operations, bug fixes or setup (service activation) of the product.

  • Responsible for incidents affecting or caused by the product.

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-124