Domain Managed Server based Services


Polaris Team


Business Operations (Management)

Scrum Master

Jessica Wyrsch

Product Owner

André Keller

Tech Alignment

Michel Rios


Historically, VSHN built application hosting platforms and services using Managed Linux Servers. Even the business behind this is basically the same as our AppOps and Managed Services, the processes and technology isn’t what VSHN plans to use for this in the future and where the IT world is moving towards. Existing customer setups needs to be run reliably until customers (with our help) can transform to our new products and services.

We therefore need to maintain how to most effectively run Linux Servers and applications on it, and with that reliably run the systems for existing setups until no longer needed, to make that happen. We also need to help other VSHN teams migrate customers by leveraging our experience with existing setups.


  • Company that needs software for their business

  • Software Developers

Key Deliverables

Key Responsibilities

  • Additional Managed Services provisioned.

  • Setups of existing customers up and running.

  • Existing Solutions are documented.

  • Automation framework and product building blocks maintained.

  • Customers receive support according to (Support Plans).

  • Customer Services operated towards defined SLOs (or legacy agreements).

Definition of Done

Definition of Run

  • Service used by customers up and running according to SLI / SLO definition, or legacy customer agreements.

External Constraints

  • VSHN Strategy, especially VIP-240

    • New setups only for services we have in our future product portfolio, and only until we have a successor product.

    • We do not invest in extending/improving existing products and frameworks if we have a defined successor product.

    • Changes to existing setups (incl. major software upgrades) only when needed or when paid by customer.

  • Tech Radar (Technology Alignment)

Delegator Responsibilities

  • Ensure product management gives clear roadmap.


VSHN Internal Services
  • Finance

  • People Operations

  • VSHN Canada timezone coverage support

Key Resources

  • Puppet Managed Server Framework

  • Icinga based Monitoring Stack

  • Burp backup system

  • PuppetDB based billing

Mindset, Skills and Capabilities

  • System Engineering

  • Puppet

  • Ansible

  • Major Database Systems (as Server Admin)

  • Product and SLO oriented

  • Customer Project thinking

Monitoring and Evaluation

Review (usually Peer Review) every 2 months with the Management.

Accountable Team


This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-281