VSHN Connect Host


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Role Keepers

Manuel Hutter, Nicolas Bigler, Marco Fretz


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Why is this role needed, what need of the organization does it address, or how is it relevant within the organization?

VSHN has decided to conduct monthly VSHN Connect events. This role is responsible for organizing these events and holding the space at the events. The content of the event comes from other roles, teams, and VSHNeers, and is outside the direct scope of this role.

Key Responsibilities

List the essential responsibilities assigned to this role.

  • Planning dates and focus of VSHN Connect events

  • Moderating the overall event and ensuring timekeeping

  • Creating and managing the agenda and format

Stakeholders and Key Deliverables

Whom does this role deliver value to, what do they need from this role?

Role, Teams and all VSHNeers at VSHN
  • VSHN Connect events as a time, space and format, as described in VSHN Connect

  • Clear overview of all VSHN Connect dates, focus and expectations.

VSHN Connect and the responsibilities of this role are tracked and reviewed at ticket.vshn.net/browse/VIP-316.