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Manuel Hutter


Companies that need software for their business, need help choosing the most appropriate platform, technologies, tools, and processes to run their software and often struggle with 24/7 proactive operations. The Developers, who produce such software, want to have best-practice, standardized services, well-designed processes and automate as much as possible, so that mistakes are avoided, their work can scale, and they can focus on what really matters for their core task of creating great software.

We therefore need to help engineer application hosting platforms, support developers with their processes and tooling and take ownership for application operations around the clock.


  • Company that needs software for their business

  • Software Developers

Key Deliverables

Key Responsibilities

  • Figure out what AppOps and AppFlow is in detail, working for the first customer.

  • Define and develop the Product.

  • Run applications for the first customer(s).


Responsibilities will extend, to maintain the existing instances of the used building blocks, run customer applications according to defined SLIs and SLOs, provide support according to Support Plans, etc.

Definition of Done

We’ll learn as we define the products of AppFlow & AppOps.
For now
  • Product(s) defined, built and in use for a first customer as soon as possible.

  • Billing ensured.

Definition of Run

  • Service used by customers up and running according to SLI / SLO definition.

External Constraints

Delegator Responsibilities

  • Ensure product management gives clear roadmap from what we learn as we go with first customer(s).

    • Clear, tangible objectives, track progress.


VSHN Products
  • Application Catalog

  • APPUiO Cloud

  • APPUiO Managed OpenShift

  • APPUiO Managed Kubernetes Services

  • OSS Projects and Software

VSHN Internal Services
  • Finance

  • People Operations

  • VSHN Canada timezone coverage support

Key Resources

  • Concepts, Templates, Frameworks

  • Inventory of in-use setups and applications we run.

  • SLO Monitoring System

Mindset, Skills and Capabilities

  • CI/CD Pipeline Engineering (GitLab and GitHub Actions)

  • Containerizing applications

  • Run applications on Kubernetes and OpenShift

  • Helm, Kustomize

  • Hosting Architecture Engineering

  • "Cloud" Know How

  • Developer Background to understand the customer

  • Open for new and unknown challenges, open minded to make something new.

  • Customer oriented

  • Eager to learn and develop skills for the technology

  • Trainer and Sparringspartner

Monitoring and Evaluation

Review (usually Peer Review) every 2 months with the Management.

Accountable Team

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-278