Chat Channels

This page provides some information about the various chat channels we use every day.

Some of these channels are mandatory for all VSHNeers!
Questions Answers

Which channels to be in?

There are a few channels which are mandatory for every VSHNeer (#general & #announcements). The other channels are semi mandatory (every VSHNeer has to be a member of his own Teamchannel) and some which are on a voluntary basis.

How and when to create a channel? Mandatory things for a channel to exists (for example: good description, topic, etc.)

Fill in a precise Room topic: What’s this channel used for, who should be part of it’s discussion allowed or not.

How to have discussions in channels? (use threads)

Will exist on the same channel. They add the parent message property to the messages, so they can be displayed on the sidebar. They’re used to just answer a short question or input. For longer conversations it might be better to use the discussion button.

Are basically new sub channels that inherit permission from the parent channel and have its creation announced on the parent channel. Usually, a discussion is being created to discuss something with a goal. Once this goal has been achieved, the discussion is going to be deserted. Semantically, it’s "done."

How to approach people in chat?

→ It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to follow basic courtesy rules, but jumping into the question directly and give your chatpartner the possibility to answer your question even when you aren’t there anymore. This asynchronus conversations saves you a lot of time.

  • Complicated issues, for which you have to write a longer text, have no place in chat. Especially if there are several attachments. The messages in the chat can’t be sorted away like an e-mail and it’s pointless to find the files again later. Better write a mail with a proper subject.

Customers in our chat, how they get access, why not to invite them into VSHN channels, etc

Please check this page in the wiki.


Channel Mandatory for VSHNeers Long story short


yes, during logged attendance time


  • be online

  • or offline but check every few hours


yes, during logged attendance time

VSHN wide read only announcements. Mandatory for every VSHNeer


yes, during logged attendance time

transitory announcements like visitors, doodles, recruiting interviews, etc



Daily announcements about attendences



Topics / Links with no direct relation to work but interesting for VSHNeers


yes, for tech people



link things you want to share with other vshneers



announcements of good news, articles, blogposts from inside and outside the Vshn universe


yes, for Interest Group members

discussions about documentation in wiki, handbook etc are held here



information about all kind of meetups


yes, for Interest Group members

Topics around our physical office


yes, for Interest Group members

Discussions about organisation developement


yes, for Interest Group members

Notice the recrutingpipeline and find Interest Group people for talks


yes, for team members

Channel for team specific topics


yes, for team members

Channel for topics attached to Customer X