Meeting Rooms

The following rooms are available and bookable via SOGo.

For Meetings

Use these meeting rooms for meetings with customers or formal internal meetings:

Mandalore (big room in Neugasse 10)

Endor (big room in Neugasse 6)

Naboo (small room in Neugasse 6)

Other Rooms

As a general rule, the entrance shouldn’t be used for meetings. The main entrance is located here and we pick up visitors there, which doesn’t guarantee a meeting free of disturbances. If there’s no other room available this room can be used for informal meetings.

Yavin (entrance)

Internal rooms

VSHNneers have precedence, use one of the meeting rooms above for a customer meeting if possible. If there are no more rooms avaiable the follwing rooms can be used for meeting exceptionally. Be aware, that access for all VSHNeers must be granted every time.

Tatooine (common room)

  • Access for lunch must be granted

  • Due to the COVID measures: maximum 12 people

  • For lunch, bigger meetings, exceptionally meetups & bigger meetings with customers (must be announced/asked in advance): 6 tables, 36 chairs, screen

  • Mail to reserve the room:

Coruscant (coffee room)

  • Accessible at all times

  • Due to the COVID measures: maximum 4 people (3 sitting, 1 standing)

  • For coffee breaks, informal conversations, work groups: Coffee machine, big table, 6 chairs, 2 beanbags

  • Mail to reserve the room: