Meeting Rooms

The following rooms are available and bookable via SOGo.

Check out the Calendar for an how to add the calendars to SOGo, Evolution, and Thunderbird.

Use these meeting rooms for meetings with customers or formal internal meetings:

VSHNtower (8th Floor in Neugasse 6)

  • This is our break room / common room and cafeteria.

  • Can be booked for customer meetings, private events of VSHNeers, including external guests.

    • The VSHNeer booking it is responsible (damage to things, access, cleaning, restocking food and drinks, etc.)

    • Such Events, even if outside VSHN office hours or on weekends need to be booked in the calendar.

  • For lunch, bigger meetings, exceptionally meetups & bigger meetings with customers (must be announced/asked in advance).

  • Please ensure to not have meetings during lunch time there. Access for lunch must be granted.

  • Please be aware that it is outside our ISMS scope which means it is not secured and you should not store company data there.

  • Resource address to reserve the room:

VSHN Meeting Room (Big Room in Neugasse 10)

  • Meeting room without windows. Smaller meetings should take place here to leave the VSHN Tower free.

  • Resource address to reserve the room:

VSHN Entrance (Entrance Neugasse 10 Coffee Room)

  • As a general rule, the entrance shouldn’t be used for meetings. Here the main entrance is located and we pick up visitors, which doesn’t guarantee a meeting free of disturbances.

  • For informal meetings, waiting room: 4 chairs, coffee table

  • Resource address to reserve the room: