Product Roadmap

With the VSHN Product Roadmap we align our activities in product management and development. It’s used to plan, align und communicate the current and next steps.

The Product Roadmap is the high level roadmap and sets the goals for Product Development.


It lives in the Miro board VSHN Product Roadmap.

Product Management uses the Product Roadmap to capture, refine and rank features and variants for existing Products and the need for new products so that a Product Development team knows what the goals are they’re working on.

It is aligned to the company beliefs, goals and the objectives and is a more fine grained view of them.

Each current product from the product portfolio has it’s own roadmap.

The Product Roadmap is not time bound, it is feature bound. Features are implemented one after the other, it’s done when it’s done and then the next one gets worked on.

Shaping of the Roadmap

Shaping of the Product Roadmap happens with inputs from various places:


Inputs to the Product Roadmap come from outside, either via Customer Solutions teams, sales, marketing or direct customer feedback.


Product Management observes the market, works closely with our sales and might see trends that we as a company should follow.

It is an ongoing process and is never finished. Updates to the Product Roadmap happen regularly as inputs is coming in.

Connection to Jira

Items which are in the Roadmap are represented as Epics in our Jira and are linked accordingly.