Finance (Overview and Governance)



Role Keepers

Markus Speth, Patrick Mathers, Matthias Indermuehle


Patrick Mathers


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Why is this role needed, what need of the organization does it address, or how is it relevant within the organization?

VSHN sees Strategy Execution, People and Finance as the 3 pillars of the organization and business. Finance is where we oversee the business accounting, liquidity, profitability and budget. While operational, administrative work might be delegated further, this is where we drive governance and impactful operational decision together, maintain budgeting and steer the operational work in and around finance.

This is one of the major domains of VSHN to ensure the function as a business and organization, other areas are for example Strategy and People. This replaces the need for top or central "classic management".

Key Responsibilities

List the essential responsibilities assigned to this role.

  • Rolling Budget, Team / Domain Budgets, Budget Requests

  • Controlling of effective numbers

  • Liquidity

  • Reaction on "red flags" in Finance

Stakeholders and Key Deliverables

Whom does this role deliver value to, what do they need from this role?

  • Insights into effective numbers (overall revenue and costs)

  • Current Budget

  • Budget Proposal and assesment of financial future

  • Correct accounting, taxes and other legal financial obligations

  • Reporting of effective numbers, financial health of VSHN.

  • Budget for hiring and education.


Who and what does this role depend on?

  • Strategic objectives understanding, what needs to happen in the next months, for budgeting.

  • Approval on Budget.

  • Hiring and education planning and budget tracking