Merge Request Template

This document contains a template document which can be used for providing the required context to your Merge Requests (MRs).

You can find this file in this very same repository, in this location: .gitlab/merge_request_templates/

What does this MR do?

Please include a summary of the change and which issue is fixed. Please also include relevant motivation and context. List any dependencies that are required for this change.

How Has This Been Tested?

Please describe the tests that you ran to verify your changes. Provide instructions so we can reproduce. Please also list any relevant details for your test configuration

Types of changes

  • Bug fix (non-breaking change which fixes an issue)

  • New feature (non-breaking change which adds functionality)

  • Refactoring (non-breaking change which adds no functionality)

  • Infrastructure (change which affects containers or pipeline, linters, tests)

  • Breaking change (fix or feature that would cause existing functionality to change)

Screenshots (if relevant)

Make sure that you’ve checked the boxes below before you submit MR

  • My code follows the style guidelines of this project

  • I have performed a self-review of my own code

  • I have commented my code, particularly in hard-to-understand areas

  • I have made corresponding changes to the documentation. (Readme, Wiki, SAD, Domain Model)

  • My changes generate no new warnings

  • This is a Bugfix, new Feature or a Refactoring

  • I have added tests that prove my fix is effective or that my feature works. If not, I created a comment explaining why no tests are needed.

  • New and existing unit tests pass locally with my changes


  • Ready for Review

Does this MR meet the acceptance criteria? (Checklist for reviewer)

  • Conforms to the style guides (black, flake8, pydocstyle)

  • README updated, if necessary

  • Tests added for this feature/bug. If no Tests were added, the MR creater given a good reason as a comment.

  • Pipeline Passes

  • If you have multiple commits, please combine them into a few logically organized commits by squashing them

What are the relevant issue numbers?

Please include any relevants issue numbers with your request here.