Collaboration with VSHN Canada

With VIP-24 VSHN has decided to implement a follow-the-sun concept to cover 24/7 operations for our customer business, to reduce the burden of working outside regular office hours. Now that VSHN Canada is up and running, we want to make the most out of it. We are already doing night maintenance for all non CH-only customers and taking over 1st level OnCall during Vancouver office hours. This approach has significantly reduced the amount of nighttime work required in Switzerland.

To further increase the benefits of VSHN Canada, VSHNeers in Switzerland can hand over work to Canada. This can be work that has to be done during nighttime, like the rollout of changes or just regular work that is handed over because there is no capacity within the teams in Switzerland. A few examples of work that could be suitable for handing over to Canada:

  • Increasing PV size of xyz on cluster xyz (Ops)

  • Improve the Rocket deployment to get it HA (AppOps)

  • Refactor Terraform to meet requirements xyz (Engineering)

  • Find solution to automate xyz for customer xyz (Solution Design)

  • Plan and do upgrades to version x for all xyz instances (Projects)

For maintenance tasks, follow the Maintenance Procedure. To hand over any other work, follow these steps:

  • Assign ticket to team "Vega"

  • Remove assignee from ticket

  • Your ticket will be triaged by Vega and planned into future sprints

For this to work a couple of rules must be followed:

  • Make sure the ticket is properly refined

  • Task deliverables must be clear

  • Due date must be set

  • All teams can hand over tickets to Canada

If your task is urgent and needs to be handled on short notice, directly contact a member of Team Vega.