Sales On–Boarding Process


We would like our future and existing customers to know how our sales and onboarding process works. Therefore we’ve specified what happens in each step. This process involves not only Business Development and Customer Success Managers, but also Solution Architects, Service-, and Project Managers. This is because we would like to offer our future and existing customers only the best possible solution. We want our customer to understand the reason behind this.

In order to offer a good solution and ensure the happiness of new and existing customers we need to ensure that different stakeholders are working together efficiently.

onboarding process.drawio

Explanation of the Steps

Step Actions Who is involved at VSHN

Contact and qualify

  • First contact with customer - identify the right point of contact within the customer’s organization

  • What are the problems the customer is facing?

  • Identify scale of possible proposal/project

  • Is there an opportunity for us and the customer?

  • If so, set up Solution Architecture meeting

Solution Architecture meeting

  • What are the customer’s technical needs?

  • How can VSHN solve them?

  • Meet with the customer to find the right solution

  • Define timelines on both ends

Design solution / Feasibility

  • Document solution architecture and offer contents

Create and send offer

  • Create offer based on the solution identified

  • Review the offer with the Solution Architect

  • Confirm the VSHN timeline with a Project Manager

  • Send the offer to the customer (offer, SLA, Framework agreement …​)

Customer Review

  • Offer has been sent to the customer

  • Negotiation between customer and VSHN

    • For special deals or contracts, the BDM escalates to product management or legal as necessary

Customer Decision: Won’t or can’t

  • Mark deal as closed lost and document the reasons

Customer Decision: Will do / Setup Customer

  • Inform the Customer Success Manager and Service Manager that the customer has signed

  • Internal handover with all stakeholders

  • Inform and introduce customer to new roles and responsibilities (CSM, SM, TSM, PM)

Setup Customer

  • Change prospect to customer in ERP

  • Create Customer In Jira, Control Panel, Wiki page

Initialization: Consulting

  • Create the necessary ticket

  • Allocate internal resources (find VSHNeer)

  • Schedule Workshop

Initialization: Standard Service

  • Define requirements with Tech VSHNeer

  • Create Ticket and hand over to tech team

  • Inform about status of ticket

Initialization: Project

  • Create Project in Jira

  • Create detailed concept, planning

  • Project Manager to lead project and review rounds with the customer

  • Create Tickets together with engineers


  • The solution/service gets implemented

  • The Project Manager works closely with the technical point of contact from the customer´s side and keeps that person informed

  • CSM acts as escalation and feedback point

Project / Service review

  • Evaluate delivery and support

  • Feedback meeting to evaluate the implementation with all stakeholders

Follow up

  • Ensure Ongoing Success for existing customer

  • Customer Success Review meetings

  • Upsells