VSHN Corporate Services Strategy

This page defines high-level requirements to a tool or service to align the decision when evaluating a (new) tool or service for VSHN corporate. This will help to focus on defining the detailed requirements to a tool or service, not having to define the high-level requirements again and again.

Important points

We see the following points important when doing an evaluation for a new VSHN corporate tool or service:

  • When VSHN provides it as a service, we use the service managed by ourselves ("Eat our own dogfood")

  • We don’t run it ourselves if it isn’t related to our core business (Get it as SaaS)

  • End user support must be provided by the company providing the service

Prefered services

We prefer services which:

  • are provided by a Swiss or EU company, preferably by companies we know

  • are provided by a company that shares our values

  • are built upon and support Open Source software

  • allow for data portability preventing vendor lock-in

  • can be integrated with our user management

These aren’t hard requirements. If the evaluation of a service finds that a service is the best for VSHN but doesn’t fully comply to the above points, it must have a documented reasoning.

This strategy is tracked and reviewed as part of VIP-96