Working at the Vancouver office

As we are establishing a new team in Vancouver, we expect VSHNeers to work partially in the Vancouver office and are free to choose to work remotely the rest of the time.


The Vancouver office is co-located in the Network Hub, with our own private office space on the 3rd floor. There are 4 floating work desks with room for a fifth.

VSHN Canada - The DevOps Company Inc.
422 Richards Street, Suite 170
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2Z4

Meeting rooms

We have 10 hours per month of access to the meeting rooms at the Network Hub.

Security Information

  • The Network Hub 3rd floor is only accessible with keys. The front door on the 3rd floor locks automatically and the office door has to be locked every time no one is in the office.

  • The office is secured with an alarm system. Make sure to disarm it when entering and arm it before you leave outside of office hours. Ensure that no other tenant is in the office before arming the alarm system.

  • The front desk is staffed on workdays from 09:00 AM till 05:00 PM. The main entrance door has to be locked after 08:00 PM. VSHNeers with keys can access the office at any time.

Desk sharing

All desks in the VSHN Vancouver office are free to use for everyone. There are currently more desks than VSHNeers in Vancouver, it is ok to have your customary desk but you are not entitled to it and others are free to use your space if needed.

All desks are equipped with a widescreen monitor and USB-C cable. Mice, keyboards, and headsets are considered personal items.

For desk usage, we adhere to the same rules as the VSHN Zurich:

  • Maintain a clean desk, especially if you don’t plan to use it the following day.

  • Avoid altering the infrastructure. If any changes are made, please restore the original setup: both monitors connected, power and network cables plugged into the dock, and the dock’s Thunderbolt cable ready for the next user.

  • Every VSHNeer has one or more boxes to store personal belongings, take the box(es) with you or store them in a shelf.


We plan and schedule meetings, workshops, retros, etc. - basically everything that involves discussions - as video calls so everyone can join from anywhere. We always try to prefer digital collaboration tooling over things like flipchart, whiteboard, etc. so that everyone has the same experience and context.

  • All invited people agreed in advance to be at the office, then a meeting can be held in a physical meeting room, using any tools available there.

  • Customer and partner meetings, where we focus on what works best for the other party.