No C-Level Titles

There is no "Management" at VSHN anymore, nor "Management Members" or "General Managers", see VSHN’s evolution without a "Management Team".

Please do not use C-level titles at VSHN internally or proactively communicate them externally. We do not identify with these titles; they are not defined roles at VSHN, nor do they serve any function within our organization.

Signature Rights

See here.

On the form/contract we sign, there should not be a C-title or similar stated; this isn’t legally required, and we can usually remove that and explain.

If You Need to Name a C-Level Person

From experience, we know that for customers, partners, and the business world, it’s unfortunately sometimes tricky to avoid naming some C-level titles. Therefore, if after explaining how VSHN operates (see here), an external party insists on knowing a C-title or when you have to sign as "C-level" on a contract, you might use one of the following VSHNeers.

  • If legally binding, any two listed in the Commercial Register with signing rights,

  • or if it’s just as an escalation contact for a customer: Account Managers.

  • If that’s not enough - check what we can do, together: We need to understand the situation; it might be a contract situation that’s potentially harmful to us anyway.


The CISO role actually exists at VSHN and is used internally and externally. We might rename this role at some point for consistency.