C-Level Roles (External Use)

Our management is defined in Management Work Group, even though we distribute responsibilities within this team, we don’t make them official roles, and we don’t use C-titles VSHN internally.

From experience, we know that for customers, partners and the business world it’s helpful to define some commonly understood C-level roles. This is why we assign the following C-level titles for external representation only.

VSHNeer Title Meaning

Markus Speth

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Main representation of VSHN towards authorities, customers, at events, and similar.

Marco Fretz

COO (Chief Operations Officer)

Represent the Operational Business and how we are organized.

Tobias Brunner

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Represent our products, tech-strategy and tech-related decisions.

Daniel Hauswirth

CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

Exception, this role actually exists in VSHN, and is used internally and externally.