Domain Sales & Account Management

Sub-domain of

Marketing & Sales


Sol Team

Coordinator Sales

Virag Josephsen

Coordinator Account Management

Mia Egger


Converting potential leads into customers, nurturing existing customer relationships, and ensuring successful onboarding of new customers to contribute to business growth and customer satisfaction.

Key Responsibilities


  • Develope, run and continously evaluate sales initiatives to turn marketing leads into customers.

  • Identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities with existing customers.

  • Own and handle sales deals / RFPs until won (or lost).

  • Coordinate and support Solution Architects to ensure Requirements Engineering and Solution Design.

  • Customer receive support for self-signup and self-service.

  • Active VSHN brand and offer presentation to increase probability to close deals.

  • Price and Contract negotiation.

  • Gatherng and evaluation of relevant sales data for strategic decision-making.

  • Manage strategic sales (channel) partners together with Marketing.

Account Management

  • Own and maintain customer data (CRM), including customer profitability.

  • Develop, execute and maintain customer segmentation and account management strategies to continuously understand customer needs and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Personal contact with customers accordingto segmentation and strategy.

  • Preiodical (non-personal) data gathering of all customers.

  • Single-point-of-contact for the customer on the non-technical and strategic level.

  • Represent customer in value stream team work planning and reviews where useful.

  • Invoicing exception and customer escalation handling.

  • Ensure a smooth onboarding process for new customers.

  • Manage Customer Projects on the non-technical level to onboard customers and deliver our services.

Key Deliverables


  • Smooth buyer journey.

  • Continuous growth in customer base and revenue

  • Managed pipeline overview of potential deals at different stages of the sales process, including the needed metrics

  • Identified customer needs turned into product insights

  • Dashboard or other reporting of sales performance and revenue growth

  • Training on the Sales process and involved tooling

Account Management

  • Up-to-date data on our customers (orders, contracts, contacts)

  • Up-to-date metrics of all customers (primarily NPS, profitability)

  • Reports of bigger key customer development (for example change of buyer strategy, budget, new needs)

  • Support for VSHNeers for clarity about and communication with customers on the non-technical level

  • Collected customer feedback for Product Management

  • Documented and maintained processes of how we communicate, coordinate and work with our customers

  • Project delivery timeline and budget coordination and control

Key Metrics


  • Sales Pipline figures (leads, deals offered, sold, lost): recurring per month and one-time revenue, with probability and timeline

Account Management

  • Profibatiliy per Customer (revenue, effort, contribution margin)

  • Customer NPS (or similar)


Definition of Done

To be defined as we learn more.
  • Customer knows all non-technical things about VSHN (how to work together), where to find documentation, etc.

  • Customer knows who to to contact how for non-technical inquiries.

  • Customer set up for self-service (for example APPUiO) and relevant supporting systems (Portal, Jira, Chat, etc.)

  • Correct recurring and one-time invoicing ensured.

  • Buyer to onboarding journey feedback collected, where useful.