Visiting Headquaters from abroad

With VSHN allowing people to work from all over the world, we see each other mostly on our screens via Zoom. However, we believe that in-person meetings can enhance communication and collaboration. VSHN hosts events like the VSHN Connect, where we encourage all team members to meet face-to-face.

Foreigner work in CH without work permit

For non-Swiss citizens employed abroad, there is a limit of 8 days per calendar year working in Switzerland without a work permit[1].

Up to 8 days per calendar year

Up to 90 days per calendar year

More than 90 days per calendar year


No permit required


Work Permit

Local Contract

No permit required

Work Permit

Work Permit

If a work permit or notification is needed, please contact PeopleOps for the next steps.

Travel and expenses

If VSHN requests your attendance at an event in a country different from your place of work, the normal expense rules for travel apply.


  • Reasonable transportation with public transport to Zurich. Please let the travel plans be approved by PeopleOps or Management before booking.

  • Mid-level accommodation in hotels or preferably in short-term rentals booked by PeopleOps. An alternative is accommodation at private places of friends, family, and similar. This can be expensed up to 60.00 CHF. The duration the accommodation is paid is defined by the company’s needs and whomever invited you.

  • Per day maximum food allowance, if not included or otherwise paid by the company of

    • Breakfast 15.00 CHF

    • Lunch 20.00 CHF

    • Dinner 30.00 CHF


Before traveling to Switzerland - please ensure the following points:

  • For non-Swiss citizens

  • Ensure that your travel documents do not expire for at least 6 months beyond your planned stay.

  • Ensure that you do not work for more than 8 days in the current calendar year in Switzerland.

  • Ensure your health insurance covers the trip to Switzerland.